Recently we received the result of our annual customer satisfaction survey.

We are proud to present a most satisfactory result, of which 93% of the customers surveyed consider CUBIC and CUBIC’s employees to be honest and trustworthy.

The scale goes from 1-5, where 5 is the best possible. The level of satisfaction for 2019 is 4.22 for our modular system partners. It is a great result, which makes us very proud, as it is the 9th survey in a row with a result above 4.0.

In 2019 the number of persons surveyed was 136 – somewhat higher than in 2018 with 119 participants.

High customer loyalty and satisfaction

It makes us very proud that CUBIC and CUBIC’s employees are considered trustworthy partners in close contact with the customers, and with a high customer service level.

We are pleased that the high quality and flexibility of the Modular System, and the free option of components in the system are all highly valued by our customers in the satisfaction survey.

Altogether the result is most gratifying and makes us proud. But it is important to make a continued effort to improve. Through a dialog with our customers we wish to discover the correlation identified between their evaluation of the general level of satisfaction with the service, and their more specific estimate of the employee professionalism, the service level – and not least – how they experience the delay in deliveries. The level of activity was exceptionally high last year, which gave us some challenges with the ability to supply. This has of course affected the customer satisfactory survey, and we will therefore make a focused effort to improve our delivery performance.

We thank all who participated in the survey. Your feedback is most appreciated by CUBIC, and all comments and thoughts are valued.