The power of
modular thinking.

Industries & sectors

The power of
modular thinking.

Industries & sectors

The power of modular thinking

The power of modular thinking


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We believe in unlocking the potential within modular thinking.


Our unique attention to modularity enables any partner to comply with individual needs
and demands. We invest ourselves in building strong and lasting client relations based on
a high level of business intimacy. We stand out on unique support, high quality products,
thoroughly tested solutions and sustainability, trustworthiness and independency.


We provide unique adaptable enclosure systems and support designed to fit
any integrator.

We believe in the power of modular thinking

Modular thinking is to see the world as billions of small parts that form the big picture and to understand that each of them work independently and together at the same time. We believe in the power of this mindset to unlock the full potential within the worlds industries.

As a danish company, we come from a legacy of making our place in the world by knowing how we fit in the big picture and playing our part to perfection. Our power is not measured in numbers or size, but is found in our ability to educate, innovate, and adapt. From this legacy, we build lasting partnerships with the highest level of business intimacy and the common ambition to grow together as partners as well as individual businesses.

Our modular mindset is the core of our business model and unique product concept, and makes us the best at what we do, by offering state of the art modular enclosure solutions based on flexibility, functionality, cost efficiency, training and support. Let’s build the future together, through the power of modular thinking.

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At CUBIC, we are committed to continuously developing our offerings to ensure our partners have access to the leading and...