Overall a very satisfactory result.

In accordance with previous years, CUBIC has carried through our annual customer satisfaction survey. We can again present a very satisfactory result.

The scale goes from 1-5 with five being the best possible option. The satisfaction level for 2018 is 4,4 for our modular system partners, 4,5 for the consultant segment and 4,0 for partners within customized solutions.  A result we are very proud of.

Read more about the survey and how CUBIC will seek to improve even further on cubicpartner.com/Partnerinfo/W2

We thank all of you, who took the time to participate in the survey. Your feedback is highly valued by CUBIC and all comments and thoughts are welcome.

Overall the result is very satisfactory and makes us proud. However, we will continue to work on improving ourselves further.

This year “only” 119 participated compared to 196 in 2017 – fewer than last year. The lower participation is attributed to the new GDPR compliance laws, which came into effect in May 2018. This has meant that we had to request partners to again opt-in to renew their consent in order to continue to receive material from CUBIC. Consequently the number of available partners at the time of the survey was lower than previous years.

This year recipients from 28 countries participated.

This makes us proud

We are particularly proud of that when asked about our strengths you have among several positive things mentioned that we:

In addition you recognize the strengths of the modular system being:

At CUBIC we wish to constantly improve ourselves, which means that we will continue to pay close attention to every aspect of our customer relations.  Specifically, based on your comments we will focus on:

Some of the comments are similar to previous years, but will we continue to focus on these issues. At CUBIC, we welcome any comments and thoughts.