What started out as a minor verification task of an 5000A inlet section ended op being a larger project of optimization of several of the incoming section parts.

This has resulted in extremely positive results, that increases your competitiveness on several parameters. We have managed to make it possible to save more than 25% of the copper and at the same time significantly reduce the assembly time of incoming sections. All without compromising on the solution.

Also, the busbar holders and support of busbars and connections is optimized and reduced compared the previously designs at the same short-circuit rating.

And finally, the complete supporting system for carrying the weight of the ACB’s etc. have been optimized.

The copper saving of over 25% on an incoming section does not impose any significant reductions on the load. Compared to previous tests of our 6300A design, the load capacity is only reduced 10%. Not a significant reduction, which only will play a role if maximizing the load on the copper. In such cases, CUBIC recommends a solution that can handle a higher load for efficient operation of the switchboard.

In addition to the copper reduction, we have optimized the following parts of the incoming section:

Both busbar holders and connections are reduced compared to the previous design at the same short circuit rating.


The busbar layout compared to the previously tested 6300A design:

Busbar 6300A design New 5000A design
Vertical busbar: S2000, 4 x 2 x 10×80 S2000, 4 x 2 x 10×60
Horisontal Main busbar: S7000, 6 x 10×100 S7000, 4 x 10×100
Connection between vertical & horizontal busbar: 6 x 10×100 4 x 10×100
ACB to vertical busbar: 8 x 10×100 6 x 10×100

(See partner info W44-2018 for further information).


The distance between supports on the vertical S2000 is changed from 1M to 2M at a short-circuit level of 100 kA.We have developed a new support plate for triple and quadruple busbar sections applied in switchboards with a short-circuit level of 100 kA or above. (See partner info W04-2019 for further information).

The results from the short-circuit testing can also be used for other sections than the 5000A.

Instead of the “old” extra support on the ACB connection, we also test more and more with an insulator between the phases when it is possible. This solution is very competitive and much faster to assemble.
If you buy connections from CUBIC, the holes in the copper for the insulator is already made.