Did you know that CUBIC and LEGO share many common features and values?


1. Modular System of standard parts

You probably know LEGO very well. The small bricks that you are able to build in many different ways using standard parts. This popular way has gained extreme popularity worldwide.

CUBIC share many of the same ideas as LEGO. CUBIC is based on a Modular System for enclosure of switchboards. This means that you can use individual parts and assemble them to make exactly the enclosure you need. This provides a flexible solution fitted for your exact needs. The same way the LEGO bricks make you build almost any solution you would like. And if you somehow want to build your enclosure differently, then CUBIC also makes this possible for you – just like LEGO does while building with the bricks.

CUBIC and LEGO are still using the same standard parts as the very beginning. CUBIC has a constant focus on developing our products and making our products even better.


2. Same origin

If you come from Denmark, then you very likely know that LEGO is Danish. LEGO was founded in 1932 in Denmark. Likewise, though a couple of years later, CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S was founded in Brønderslev in 1973.

CUBIC has just like LEGO kept our values in line and focus on becoming greener.


3. Comes with a complete guide

When buying a LEGO pack, you receive exactly the parts you need and a thorough guide on how to build it. This is the same way we deliver our products at CUBIC. Our solutions come with a complete guide that makes it easy for you to build the electrical enclosure.

Even though CUBIC’s Modular System is not a toy made of plastic, then our solution has made it fun, quick, and easy to build your electrical enclosure.

If you have any questions regarding our Modular System or anything else, then please contact us.