The newest ACB’s from Siemens may now be applied in CUBIC’s Modular System. New and optimized tests have been made with all the latest products, including bearers, CU connections between ACB and vertical busbar, ventilated VAV as form separation, and the large louvres for optimized performance.

ACB’s ranging from 1000 to 2000A have been tested, and may be applied both as inlet and outlet in switchboards – in the middle as well as in the outer sections.

The following 3 ACB’s have been tested with the below data:

ACB’s mounted in the modular system are verified on all items according to IEC 61439-2, including i.a. creepage and air distances, degree of protection and net frequency, impulse withstand voltage, etc.

All verifications have been conducted under observation of our partner DEKRA, who has also issued the test reports and AOC (Attestation of Conformity).

In short circuit tests of components our DEHNshort arc fault detectors are always installed to register, if any switching arc may be detected as an arc fault, and thus start an unintended operation of the switchboard. Also this part of the tests was passed, and is verified by DEKRA.

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