DehnShort - Arc Fault Protection System

A CUBIC switchboard, designed, projected, built and verified according to IEC / EN 61439 is per definition considered a fault free switchboard.  

The risk of arc faults

Even in the most modern switchgear assemblies, the risk of arc faults cannot be completely ruled out. Arc faults may be caused by incorrect work on switchgear assemblies, contaminants, foreign objects or ingress of animals in the switchgear assembly. Within a few milliseconds, high amounts of energy are released, generating heat, a pressure wave and toxic gases similar to an explosion.

Arc faults may result in catastrophic damages to both switchgear assemblies and humans. Besides, there may be operational loss to critical production processes, which at breakdown are forced to downtime.

Minimise damage with DEHNshort

The switchgear assembly will be heavily damaged and must often be completely replaced, which can take several weeks. An unacceptable situation for processes that require a continuous power supply! Such damage can be reliably limited by using the arc fault protection system DEHNshort. DEHNshort quickly and reliably quenches arc faults. Thanks to this quick arc fault quenching, only a small portion of the destructive energy is released.

With proven arc fault quenching times of less than 2 milliseconds, DEHNshort is one of the quickest protection systems in the market, thus providing reliable protection for persons and switchgear assemblies. 

Recommissioning of the switchgear after the fault

The switchgear assembly can be recommissioned after the fault has been rectified, the short circuiters have been replaced, and the arc fault protection system has been reset. 

Tested in the CUBIC Modular system

DEHNshort is successfully tested in the Modular System. The tests include short circuit tests up to 80 kA according to IEC/EN 61439.

The Modular System was IP54 during the tests and DEHNshort’s rapid disconnection means that the degree of protection is not impaired by the arc fault. 

Best possible personal safety

With CUBIC’s protection system DEHNshort the risk of fire and power failure is reduced, and the best possible personal protection is achieved.