The oceans have at all times been a frequent way of transportation for humans as well as commodities, and therefore they have been a natural part of everyday life for both humans and companies. Today, shipping remains playing a significant role as many travellers and commodities are still transported by sea.

A CUBIC enclosure – the ideal solution for the marine industry

The modular thinking of the Modular System really proves its worth, when the end-user designs the optimum electrical enclosure for the often limited space onboard ships.

CUBIC’s enclosures are applied for all types of ships from small tugboats, ferries, container ships, drilling ships, liquefied natural gas ships (LNG) to Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units and Floating Storage and Offloading vessels (FSO). 

CUBIC has significant experience in delivering solutions for all types of ships.

Several of the world’s most recognized test laboratories approve CUBIC’s products.

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