Polish Coal Mines

Several CUBIC switchboards are in operation in two of the largest Polish coal mines kwk Budryk and kwk Zofiówka that are both part of CUBIC Partner JSW S.A. Group.

The Multi Drawer panels work on the ground in the coal processing plants where coal is transported from the underground, separated from stones and waste, crushed and grinded, and finally washed and selected.

kwk Zofiówka

In kwk Zofiówka near the town Jastrzębie-Zdrój, the largest panel is supplied by 4 transformers via 2000A incomers and consists of 93 drawers. Another panel supplies two 2000A, and its two sections are fed by a busbar coupler with CUBIC’s busbar trunking system. So far 6 switchboards have been delivered to the mine, and CUBIC partner Industry Power Solutions is preparing assembly of the 7th switchboard.

kwk Budryk

In kwk Budryk near the town Ornontowice a panel with 2000A incomers and 70 drawers is in operation. Another panel is applied for the container placed in the demethanisation stations that are responsible for pumping methane gas out of the mines. Due to methane being a dangerous explosive gas, it is pumped out from the underground and instead used to generate electricity and heat.

JSW S.A. Group

JSW Group is the largest producer of high-quality coking coal and a major producer of coke in theEuropean Union.

  • JSW’s coking coal is predominantly used for the production of coke, which in addition to iron ore is an essential component of feedstock for the production of steel.
  • JWS Group is one of the largest employers in Poland with more than 26,400 employees.