Reuse of power test panel

Sustainability is and should be considered in every industry today. In line with the current need for sustainability, our Dutch CUBIC partner Elektro Internationaal, recently installed a completely revised power test panel at Opra Turbines in Hengelo, Netherlands.

The panel was originally engineered and built by Elektro Internationaal for testing gas turbines meant for generating power and heat in industrial settings. In 2008 the panel was transported to the Opra plant in Norway and installed on site. Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis Opra had to close down the plant in 2010 and decided to bring the test panel back to the Netherlands, where it remained stored in sea containers.

As the economic winds started blowing the right way again, Opra built a new plant in Hengelo and sent an inquiry to Elektro Internationaal about the possibility of reusing the panel. Not only to reduce costs, but also to prevent waste of precious materials. After due consideration and consultation, Elektro Internationaal was granted the order for revision.

The panel was successfully revised and expanded, after which it was brought to the right location. The service engineers of Elektro Internationaal handled the entire installation and commissioning. All to Opra’s satisfaction.