Our Technical Instructor René Jensen has paragraph published in electrical textbook

Through the years, we have paid great attention to sharing our knowledge on electrical panels with the Danish Electrical Service Engineering-, Technology Management and Marine Engineering-, and Engineering students to support them in their educational development.

For the last 20 years, our Technical Instructor René Jensen has received great praise for presenting and sharing his expert knowledge providing the students basic knowledge of electrical panels in an inspiring way.

At a seminar for Technology Management and Marine Engineering students at SIMAC Svendborg earlier this year, René was acknowledged even further for his continued contribution. 

At the seminar, Associate Professor at SIMAC Torben Bonde, asked René to write a paragraph about electrical panels for the 7th edition of the “Elektroteknik 8 – El-installationsmaterial” textbook. The book is used as textbook for various education programs in Denmark including the educations in Electrical Service Engineering, Technology Management and Marine Engineering, and Engineering.

Technical Instructor René Jensen with the new textbook.

The textbook already described different electrical installations used inside a panel but not panels in a more general manner. The 7th edition of the textbook has now been released including René’s paragraph about electrical panels in general making the book even more complete. The book is in Danish and can be bought from several bookstores both on- and offline.

René would like to use the opportunity to thank Associate Professor Torben Bonde for his trust and cooperation and at the same time mention that he of course is ready to contribute again when the book is to be revised for the 8th edition.

From CUBIC we would like to congratulate René on his contribution to the textbook. We are very proud to have you representing CUBIC. Well done!


You are always welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about electrical panels at your education.