BSM product release: How is the new box system to assemble?

See the product right here and get to know how it is to assemble the BSM Box System from one of the first persons that has ever assembled it.

At CUBIC we have recently launched our latest addition to our product range. This product is a competitive solution with many new features that we promise you will be better than other systems in the market!

Let us present:

BSM – Box System

BSM Box System is our new system for electrical switchboards up to 800 A. The box system is the best solution on the market and has many advantages compared to many other systems.

If you have not seen our video introducing the box system,  you can check it out below:

The box system provides an optimum level of flexibility, which means that each switchboard may be assembled according to the requirements of the individual customer.


How is the BSM to assemble? We asked one of the first to ever assemble the box system

We asked Henrik who was one of the first to assemble the BSM Box System how it was. Henrik has assembled the Modular System for many years and is surprised by the new box system.

“It is very quick to mount and saves us time when assembling. I think it is a great product!
If you know the Modular System, then it’s as easy as nothing”


What is special about the BSM Box System?

The BSM is our latest addition to our Modular System. The BSM comes in a depth of 1,5 modules and is ideal when it comes to space for wires and cables.

For mounting of terminals, a special bracket for the back of the DIN rail is available. Besides, a bracket for application in the cable section for terminals, cable duct and PE bar is available.

We asked Poul who was one of the persons developing the box system. What is unique about the Box System?

“Obviously, the depth. the brackets and flanges are very special. I think the BSM will be a great solution for many. A competitive solution better than others in the market…”



Some of the many advantages

  • Best switchboard system in the market
  • Competitive price
  • Exquisite quality
  • Lacquered workpieces – no sharp edges
  • Brand independence
  • Quick mounting
  • Day to day delivery
  • Back-up from customer service
  • The right depth: 800 A on 288 mm + covering
  • Flanges with the option of cable entry
  • Fully documented i.a. in our technical instruction and projecting manuals


Are you interested in BSM – box system?

BSM is held in stock and can be delivered quickly to you.

If you are interested in the box system or have any questions, please contact CUBIC and we will support you right away.

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