Update features in Galaxy 3.51


General update:

To ensure correct panel weight, the weight of phantom items is now automatically calculated as the sum of the child items weight.

“Hide all price information” is now an option in the Galaxy Manger network setup. This option may be applied on any named user, regardless of user rights. Thereby it is possible to share Galaxy without revealing sensitive price information.

Updates in Design menu:

New menu for BSM ”Box Size Medium” (1,5M deep Box)

All accessories and internal covering for BSM can be found in the sub menu.

New functions for inserting of brackets and internal covering depending on where you place the Cursor.

Accessories and brackets will be placed on the left or the right side of the column, depending on where you place the mouse Cursor.

Brackets for vertical internal covering will now be placed correct with 2M spacing

Internal vertical covering will now be rotated depending on where you place your mouse cursor and insert the covering.

Auto inserted horizontal barriers can now be deleted individual in the Design Navigator

Text can now be paired with the surface where you insert the text, use Stick to surface.

After inserting you can move and copy-paste the surface and the text together.

New Text size XL

New tape measure tool

Tape measure settings can be changed  

Dimension annotation point will now be inserted 1mm. in front of the insert point of the start/end of the dimension.
In older version the dimension text could disappear.


Snippets can be located in sub folders. Sub folders must be created before start of Galaxy.
After creating the snippet, it can be dragged by the mouse to the wanted sub folder. Detailed information can be found in the “Tech note”


Coordinates will disappear when moving the mouse cursor out of the design window.
This function can be used in print mode.
Mouse cursor inside design window.                         Mouse cursor outside design window.


Export as a 3D DWG file will now only show what is visible on the screen. Hidden graphics by using Image control will not be visible in the export file.

ACC in H version are removed from the menu for S2000HD, S2000HB & S2000HI

New graphics and BOM for cable connection set 0429-0000s/0429-0003s. Note distance between L1-L2 & L3-N is changed.


Solved errors:

S225 busbar system in 3M wide, right placed busbar in the column was the Form2 covering placed wrong.

IncSection, ACB Siemens 3WL10 1250A, some item numbers of connections were the wrong numbers.

IncSection ACB 5000A & 6300A, minor corrections in graphics of busbar holders and item numbers.

IncSection MCCB NS800-NS1600 4M wide sections, wrong insert of MCCB and missing some ICCP.

IncSection MCCB Siemens 3VA2510, bearers were also inserted, but only ICCP can be used.

Arc barrier for S7000 was placed wrong.
In previous version Galaxy could be closed on without proper saving of the Panel design.
This has been fixed so that Galaxy will wait until the save command has been executed.

When importing Galaxy panel into SEE-Electrical 3D Panel+ the import file would be rejected if the Galaxy design contained Text. This has been corrected.