(CBI-Circuit Breaker Installation)

CUBIC keeps focus on extending the access to the documentation necessary in order to design electrical switchboards, and the CBI manual has consequently been updated.

For those with no knowledge of the CBI manual, it is a manual covering the CUBIC products which depend on the component brand. Here could be mentioned copper connections for e.g. an ACB with the vertical busbar, and the customized form separation parts fitting the specific component.

The CBI manual covers 4 brands: ABB, Schneider, Siemens and Terasaki. Via links in the manual, mounting instructions for the various connection sets are ready for download. In more cases they are available as 3 pole, 4 pole and 3 pole + neutral.

By this update our test results are available via datasheets for download. Here the maximum load may be read in different configurations, e.g. IP 32, IP 43, IP 54 and often with forced ventilation. The datasheet indicates the short circuit data up to which a test has been made by CUBIC. By “up to” is meant that the flexibility of the Modular System may of course be applied, and the number of busbar holders may be modified to the current short circuit level at the installation spot.

In practice the requested datasheet is made available by clicking on a link in the CBI manual. Below it is illustrated by an example with an ABB E4.2 4000A ACB.

The link leads to a web address where the specific datasheet can be seen and downloaded as needed.

The test results are not included in the manual itself, as they are regularly updated in relation to new components from the breaker manufacturers, or if CUBIC carries out new tests. In such cases it would be necessary to send out a new manual, every time an update is released. Accordingly, we do not recommend to keep the datasheets from project to project, as news/updates might be available.

Initially the datasheets for the brands ABB and Schneider will be ready. Later this year the datasheets for Siemens and Terasaki will be available. At that time section 13 of the Projecting Manual will also be updated to further show the performance of the completely brand independent Modular System.