At CUBIC, everyday life is running, and we are still here to assist you. We have of course made a number of initiatives to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona virus. As many of our employees as possible work from their home office, and for the remaining staff who appears every day, there are clear guidelines as to hygiene, distance to colleagues and to show consideration.

Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. And we may have to be patient for quite some time, until the well-known everyday life is back. At CUBIC, we do everything we can to secure the supply chain and to help our customers in the best possible way.

We still receive orders 24/7 on, and confirm orders as usually. Customer service is ready to support you, and to help you find the right solution. So please do not hesitate to call us on +45 98822400.

If you have any questions to our products, please visit our website Here you will find some very useful information, and you can also download our brochures.

You are also welcome to call your regular contact person.  If in doubt at all – please contact us.

Take care. We look forward to hearing from you!