New features and functions in Design menu

Transparent frame – more detailed items – new menu for connections – updated menus for ACB’s and S2000 – ….

Galaxy is currently in a development for real 3D. The programme becomes more intelligent, so fewer choices should be made during project planning, and the clarity of dialog boxes is increased. In the future, you will see stringers and threaded holes and slots. S2000 busbar holders and several other elements are now shown with much higher detail. We will continue this direction in the coming versions.

A couple of weeks ago we launched the new bearers, support under bearers and VAV mounted underneath the ACB’s. All these new items will be possible to draw in Galaxy 3.40.0.

New design view ‘Internal’ (transparent frame)

In the new design the box, stringers and barriers will be transparent, so it is possible to recognize busbar holders and other items placed behind them.



More details on some parts

Stringers, barriers, busbar holders for S2000/S2000D, bearers and some brackets are now shown with more relevant details.

In the future we will show all parts with relevant details. But please note that detailed drawings will also require more powerful computers.

New menu ‘Bearers for ACB’

In the new menu you can insert the new bearers, support underneath bearer and VAV


Update of the menu for S2000HD including new dimension 10×70, 10×90 and 10×100 mm


Large update of the menu for Incoming section, ACB

The menu including 1250A and 5000A sections.

For 2500A, 3200A and 4000A sections is it possible to insert connections between S2000 busbars and S2000HD 10×100 mm placed rear.



The layout for all sections is changed so the user must choose the accessories needed.


Connections are a new possibility in the menu


Connections between ACB and S2000 are available for ACB’s in the brand of ABB, Schneider Electric and Terasaki. Connections are only available for combinations tested by CUBIC.

Bearers in the depth are the new version, which can be mounted more compactly. 11