Galaxy heading towards 3D…

Galaxy 3.40.0 comprises several elements, which indicate the direction of Galaxy.

We receive an increasing number of requests to apply Galaxy’s 3D drawing – partly for construction and mounting of the panel, and partly as a more precise foundation for discussing the design of the panel with the end-user.

In this version of Galaxy stringers and barriers with threaded holes and slots are found. S2000 busbar holders and a number of other elements are now shown with a much higher level of details. This tendency will also be seen in the coming versions.

In our latest update ”Perspective view” was introduced, and in this version ”Transparent frame” will appear. Both of them are tools which make it easier to manage the details on busbar holders and coverings, which will otherwise be hidden behind for instance the rack.

As a consequence of the development of 3D, we have to say goodbye to 2D and the symbolism, which has been recognisable since the former CUBIC-CAD. The “Workshop view” of today will vanish in future versions, and will be replaced by new 3D tools.

In order to have an increased level of details it requires more knowledge to Galaxy about the inserted elements. This journey has been started, but as illustrated below, is far from being completed.


In the coming versions of Galaxy the internal logic will be developed, so more choices can be left over to the computer. The reason is partly to increase efficiency during the construction phase, and partly to improve the clarity in some of the most comprehensive dialog boxes.

More graphic details and more logic call for more powerful computers. This may for instance be seen at the new incoming sections.

Focus will therefore be put on improving the graphic performance in the coming versions. Emphasis will be put on developing Galaxy for machines with a 64bit operative system, where the present version works on both 32 and 64bit systems.