Many new steps have been taken within the Modular System!

It is quite encouraging, when we experience that approx. 60 % of all customers asked in 2018 points to greater importance to the quality of the Modular System than to competing products. This trend is even increasing compared to the previous survey.

CUBIC emphasize a continuous, innovative attitude to advance competitive initiatives. That is why our Partnerinfo has lately focused on presenting the activities.

This Partnerinfo includes new parts, which will make it much easier to integrate ACB breakers into the CUBIC Modular System:

Bearers in depth

A new version of bearers in depth has been developed. It has a more compact design, which provides more space in the switchboard.

Due to brackets are now placed opposite than in previous versions it is possible to place S2000 Busbar holders in the same height as the depth bearers. The result: Reduction of ACB compartment height with 25%, now 3M is enough compared with previously 4M.

In the new version the horisontal bearer for mounting ACB can be moved forward to the barrier at the front, and a gap between the bearer and barrier is avoided.

Horisontal bearers adapted to ACB 

Bearers have been developed in a deeper model, and the benefit is that small ACB’s should only be fastened to one bearer.

The present bearers (type 0119-0X00) may still be applied.

If CUBIC’s connections from ACB to S2000 are applied, bearers with pre-stamped holes for fastening of ACB of the brands ABB, Schneider Electric and Terasaki may be applied with advantage. Information on bearers for Siemens ACB will follow later.

New support of bearers

For large ACB’s, or other products with heavy weight, it is necessary to support the large bearers of 5M to 8M. For this purpose CUBIC has developed supporting structures to be placed exactly where the need is, with a vertical barrier at the front and rear. The supports are easily mounted on a standard barrier bracket. By applying supports for every second module it is possible to mount parts up to 500 kg. The new supports can be mounted considerably easier and later in the assembly process, and the price is reduced by approx. 50% compared to previous version.

VAV for mounting under ACB:​The well-known horisontal covering with ventilation holes is now available in a version to be fastened to bearers in depth, or to supporting structures immediately below the ACB. The coverings are mounted on adjustable brackets. This makes the position of the covering possible in two heights and can be placed optimally in relation to the S2000 busbar holders.