Stainless Junction boxes

CUBIC offer 2 types of junction boxes named KLM and KKS in various sizes. A junction box is the ideal solution for protecting electrical equipment, but can also be utilized to other purposes. CUBIC is experiencing a significant demand for our junction boxes in stainless steel or more correctly rustproof steel.

KLM junction boxes

A part of  our standardprogram are stainless junction boxes of the type KLM. KLM junction boxes are very versatile and can be utilized anywhere, where there is a need for safe enclosring of electrical equipment. 

KKS junction boxes

The other variant of the stainless junction boxes, which CUBIC offer, is the KKS junction box. KKS is a hygenic enclosure, which means it is developed for and is particulary appliable in industries, where hygiejne demands are very high. For example the food- and pharmaceutical industry. KKS have not horisontal surfaces in the top of the box, making it impossible for fluid to assemble on top. The slant stainless surfaces makes the junction box particulary useful in dusty and wet environments.

About our junction boxes

Our junction boxes are prepared for earthing with brackets premounted in the box, while mounting plates can be purchased as accessories. As standard the sealing is a PUR sealing, but can also be delivered with double sealing. Almost all our junction boxes are stock items, but all are delivered ready for mounting.

Find and order the KLM or KKS junction box below 


Junction boxes - KLM

Junction boxes - KKS

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