Marine Panels

Due to its basic features and high quality CUBIC’s Modular System is particularly suitable for the construction of electrical panels for the marine industry and an optimum solution for the often limited space onboard vessels. The Modular System is particularly suitable for building marine panels.

Its flexibility in terms of dimensions means that the switchboard can be built according to the often limited space on ships. Thus, utilizing the space to its maximum, while the switchboard can be built free-standing. This allows access to the switchboard from both the front and rear side, while the connection will take place from the top, bottom or side of the switchboard.
Marine panels can be constructed with tested busbar systems up to 6300 A.

Design to match 

CUBIC has a long experience in supplying switchboards to the ship and marine industry. Our solutions are not simply a closed electrical switchboard, as any solution can be extended to fit changing needs and demands. On special requests, e.g. as to the choice of component manufacturer, the Modular System offers freedom to select your preferred electrical components. Our switchboards can be constructed in an angle or as stand-alone. All our low voltage switchboards are of the highest quality ensuring a comprehensive personnel and operational safety. 


  • Construction in FORM 1 – 4
  • Short delivery time
  • Customized switchboards to a protection degree as high as up to IP54
  • Front and rear side access possibilities


Verified in accordance to IEC/EN 61439

Switchboards built in the Modular System, assembled according to CUBIC’s instructions, are verifiable in accordance with IEC / EN 61439-1 and 61439-2. All our tests are carried out by recognized and independent test laboratories.
Our recommended solutions for boats, ships and other vessels within the marine industry:

  • Modular System
  • Multi drawer

Recommended Solutions

Multi Drawer

Modular System

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