Modular System

When a safe and efficient power distribution is needed – the CUBIC Modular System is the answer. The Modular System from CUBIC is one of the most versatile and safe enclosure solutions in the market. The Modular System is an enclosure system for electrical switchboards making it possible to construct any type of low voltage switchboard.

Freedom to assemble the kind of electrical switchboard you need 

The CUBIC Modular System is constructed on the basis of a main module size of 192 mm, which is dividable with 12 figures without decimals. A module size, which ensures a maximum of versatility and an enclosure that meets individual requirements and demands from end-user, customer and consultant. Construct an electrical switchboard solution based on a range of standard components without compromise in relation to the level of quality. Freedom to choose the electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer.

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Why choose the CUBIC Modular system?

Selecting the Modular System for construction of switchboards provides a range of advantages and opportunities such as:

  • Safe and reliable electric power distribution
  • The system is tested and documented by leading and independent test laboratories
  • Ease of making changes and rearrangements to the switchboard
  • Freedom to select electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer
  • Easy and timesaving assembly with very few tools
  • Easy expansion of your solution at any time
  • Short delivery time
  • Adaptable to withstand harsh, wet and even hostile environments up to ip54

Available types of electrical switchboards to be constructed with the Modular System

It is possible to construct any type of switchboard in the Modular System including, but not limited to: 

In addition to the Modular enclosure solutions for switchboards, CUBIC also offers customized enclosure solutions in both stainless and lacquered steel.

Uniform documentation and quality worldwide

All of CUBIC’s enclosures come with a full and thorough documentation such as our Technical Assembly Instruction Manual, and a Projecting Manual. In addition, CUBIC’s advanced design software Galaxy allows the panel builder to design the needed switchboard. Galaxy 3 provides numerous options among other the possibility to conduct temperature-rise calculations of the designed switchboard.

All CUBIC approved panel builders, which we call partners, have gone through extensive training and education to ensure a high and uniform quality level all over the world. Our modular solutions are supplied as flat-pack worldwide to CUBIC approved panel builders. 

Tested and documented system

The Modular System is extensively tested by leading and independent test laboratories. This ensures a high validity of our assertions and ensures a documentation and independency, on which all stakeholders can rely. 

The Modular System is verifiable according to the IEC/ EN 61439 standard. IEC/EN 61439 has in the fall of 2014 replaced the previous IEC/EN 60439 standard. 

Modular enclosures for almost all industries and businesses

The versatility of the Modular System enables constructing an electrical switchboard solution for almost every purpose and industry. Anywhere there is a necessity for safe, reliable and efficient operation of electrical switchgear and equipment. The versatility of the Modular System is underlined by the fact that CUBIC solutions are used in such various industries as OEM, mining, infrastructure, marine, production industry, power plants, renewable energy, offshore etc. 

Modular System Product data
Title Modular System
Standard IEC/EN 61439
Tests Temperature rise, earth quake test, arc test, vibration test, shock test
Rated operational voltage Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz
Materials Electro-galvanized/iron phosphated steel plate
Color Light grey
Degree of protection Up to IP54
Rated peak withstand current Up to 264 kA
Rated voltage, insulation 1000 V AC
Busbar systems rating Up to 6300 A
Short-circuit test icw up to 120 kA

Modular solutions