CPS25 (CUBIC Panel System 25) is CUBIC's competitive and cost-friendly standardized platform solution for main and distribution panels up to 800A. The system is designed and developed as a stand-alone platform system with the needs, wishes and demands of the user in mind. This makes CPS25 the ideal panelboard for safe electric power distribution needs up to 800A. 

CPS25 is a low voltage switchboard, which is independent from component manufacturers, as standard inserts cover the most common components. All necessary verification has been carried out by CUBIC according to IEC/ EN 61439, so the user should only carry out a minimum of documentation.

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Two versions – various possibilities

CPS25 is available in a wall-mounted and a floor standing version. This allows for a high degree of freedom in terms of versatility and possibilities in terms of places of application for CPS25. 
The height of the two versions differ, as the floor version is 2000 mm, while the wall-mounted version is 1200 mm. Both versions have the same two standard width sizes of either 400 or 600 mm.

CPS25 advantages

CPS25 provides a range of advantages for both the end-user and the panel builder. In addition to a competitive price, CPS25 is characterized by a quick and easy assembly. An assembly, which makes CPS25 the fastest mounted solution in the market for smaller panelboards.

Other advantages with CPS25

  • Ultrashort delivery time - day to day delivery
  • Easy access to installation of cables before and after mounting
  • Possibility of additional choices and adaption to customized enclosure demands and specifications
  • One standard screw for mounting
  • Few standard parts
  • Possibility of optional accessories including meter inserts, form covering and lifting brackets etc.  
  • Low and competitive price CPS25 with cover plating
  • Easy and quick configuration and mounting via 4 simple steps
  • Fastest mounted solution in the market for smaller switchboards
  • A standard solution with optimal flexibility

Application possibilities

CUBIC’s solution is applicable in any situation and business, where there is a need for an electrical panel board for main and distribution purposes, and is particularly relevant in below-mentioned places:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Airports 
  • Hospitals
  • Factories

Construct CPS25 with our Design Programme

A CPS25 panel is easily designed by using the CUBIC design software with only a few clicks. Together with the easy configuration and quick installation you can design the enclosure in the morning and install it later in the afternoon.                                                                                 

CPS25 Product data
Title CPS25
Overall Dimensions ( Wall Model) 1200mm high, 330 mm deep and either 400 or 600 mm witdh
IP protection IP3X
Internal covering PC, transparent
Overall Dimensions ( Floor Model) 2000 mm high, 330 mm deep and width of either 400 or 600mm
Internal separation PC, transparent
Standards IEC 61439 - 2:2011, IEC 61439-3:2012