CUBIC's product programme consists of the five following areas: Modular System switchboards, standard and customized enclosures, CPS25, Cu-flex busbar connections and electric components & switchgear.

The CUBIC Modular System is based on a concept of standard modules in steel for the construction of electrical switchboard systems up to 6300A. By using relatively few standard parts it is possible to construct any type of enclosure from a range of standard components. CUBIC is independent in relation to your choice of electrical components. Read more about the  Modular system for electrical switchboards.

Standard and Customized enclosures

CUBIC offers any type of standard or customized enclosure in lacquered or stainless steel. Based on the customer’s individual needs we design og construct any type of bespoke enclosure in relation material, colour, tests and IP grade. Read more about our  standard and fully customized enclosure solutions


CPS25 (The CUBIC Panel System 25) is CUBIC's competitive, cost-friendly and standardized platform solution of main and distribution panel boards up to 800A. CPS25 is independent from component manufacturers, as standard inserts cover the most common components. Read more about  CPS25

Flexible copper busbars

Cu-flex busbars allow a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections. By the use of a patented technique, the ends of the busbar are forged to a solid unit, thus obtaining a contact surface that makes it possible to produce maintenance free connections. Cu-flex copper busbars are supplied ready to use. Read more about our  flexible copper busbars

Electric components

CUBIC offers a range of tested electric components, which fits with the Modular System. The components include current transformers, multi instruments, earthing and short circuit devices as well as surge arresters. As an exclusive vendor, CUBIC offers the arc fault detection and protection system DEHNshort - the fastest system in the market. Read more about our  electric components

Our Products

Modular System


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Cu-flex flexible copper busbar

Electrical components

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