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Plug-in – the perfect electrical panel board solution

CUBIC Plug- in low voltage enclosure system

CUBIC’s fully withdrawable Plug-in board solutions offer a wide range of features and options, which ensures a high operational and personnel safety to the same high degree as a draw-out switchboard system. However, as easy the comparison to a typical draw-out system is, a Plug-in enclosure differs with its extended range of possibilities and advantages.


One of the major advantages with a Plug-in solution compared with other switchboard system is that, one selects freedom to choose component manufacturer and the highest available versatility on the market.


Our Plug-in switchboards are based upon CUBICs recognized modular system, which allows adaptability, flexibility and a high competitiveness along with the already known features and qualities of the modular system - Read more about the modular system

Advantages with Plug-in switchboard enclosures:

  • Height of Drawer: 1-3 modules x 192 mm
  • Width of Drawer: 1-2 modules x 192 mm
  • Withdrawable system
  • High operational dependability and personal safety
  • One door in front of each drawer or one door in front of more drawers.
  • Possibility of combining columns of fixed units with columns of plug-in units.
  • Possibility of thermographing the individual parts of the panel.
  • Completely free choice of electrical components and switchgear
  • Easy to change and to extend.
  • Possibility of accessing the switchboard from both the front and rear side.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.
  • Tested busbar systems up to 6300 amps.
  • Construction in FORM 3 - 4.
  • Upgrade to MD possible by 3M width
  • Can be combined with Multi Drawer and MPI


In addition the Plug-in drawers have connections on the incoming side, which can be disconnected from the distribution busbar without the use of a single tool, even if the busbar is live. This ensures a user can safely work directly on the electrical switchboards without having to turn off crucial operations, while working on the board.


On the outgoing side, conductors are connected to terminals/multi-plugs, either in the drawer or in the cableway, or as a combination of the main circuit connected directly and the aux. circuits connected via terminals/multi-plugs. The result is a design of high specification, which maintains function of a Draw-out panel and the economy of a fixed pattern solution.

Complete or semi-complete panels represent a combination of panel solutions in fixed or withdrawable designs - offering both functional and economically attractive incentives, which is applicable in various industries for instance in the industry.- Read more


New functions in Plug-in panel

With Plug-in enclosures from CUBIC, one draws on the functions known from a typical draw-out system, but contains several innovative new functions such as possibility of shutter and interlocks. Furthermore, are the Plug-in panels verifiable according to the new Low voltage IEC/EN 61439 standard, which has replaced the previous IEC/EN 60439 standard.


Learn more about our Plug-in solution and experience the vast range of benefits, which a Plug-in panel offers, for increased competitiveness!! Contact CUBIC to hear more or press here to be contacted.



Product Data

PLUG- in Electrical board panels

Standards and approvals

IEC/EN 61439-1
Rated voltage (Ue):  Up to 1000 V; 50 Hz
Test voltage: Up to 3,5 kV
Degree of protection: Up to IP54
Without drawer  IP2X (with shutter IP3X)
Drawer size/ current

2x1- 2x2 M Up to 400 A

2x3 – 3x3 M Up to 630 A

Main busbar( Horisontal busbars) Up to 6000A
Distribution busbar (Vertical busbars) Up to 2000A
Internal separation Form 3b and form 4A








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