Well Boat

The Norwegian partner of CUBIC Vik Elektro has designed and supplied the complete electrical installations including the main and emergency switchboards for the new well boat “Øysund”. 

The new well boat “Øysund” is equipped and arranged especially for keeping live fish in a closed system with no discharge of water during transport. Likewise the well boat can transport the fish with open wells and UV treatment. The load capacity is 1800 m3  in two cargo holds separated with a sliding bulkhead. 

“Øysund” is designed and equipped with the most modern technology in terms of animal welfare.

Thus, the vessel is arranged for grading, smolt transport, delousing filter for collecting lice and UV treatment of all circulating water. Moreover, designated systems are installed for a.o. monitoring oxygen levels and water quality in the wells and production and mixing of oxygen in the cargo hold. 

All systems, machinery, monitoring and the like are remotely controlled and logged from the bridge via automatic systems. Additionally, the vessel is equipped with light and underwater cameras for fish monitoring during transport and loading. Speaking of cleaning and disinfection of the cargo pipe system it is fitted with an automatic washing and disinfection system, manual pressure washers and an ozone disinfection system. 

For loading and unloading the wessel is equipped with a 7 meters altitude pressure loading system. 

“Øysund” is thus one of the most secure and infection free boat types availble for salmon breeders.