Water treatment MCC’s

Terberg Control Systems, one of CUBIC’s Dutch partners has within a tight time schedule supplied all necessary MCC’s to a water treatment plant built by Veolia in Iraq. 

The project 
The Shat el Basra project in Iraq is a natural gas power Plant consisting of 10 x gas generator power gensets  with maximum output of 1250MW. 

The project is launched by the Iraqi Minister of Electricity as part of a huge master plan aiming at adding 22,000 megawats of production capacity across Iraq. 

The plant is designed for base load and three shift operation. The intended operating regime will be base load, operating [8000 to 8150] hours per annum equal to a typical annual availability of more then 90%. 

The plant is designed with black start capability. The main fuel will be the natural gas and back-up fuels with overall storage capability of 5 days. VWS (Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies) is the company entrusted with the turnkey execution of the water treatment plant of this site. The main function of the water treatment plant built by VWS is to create and provide: 

  • Demineralized water to gas turbines and for filling the closed cooling system
  • Service water to various consumptions like fire fighting and for site cleaning purposes
  • Portable water.

A main project challenge was the quickly required supply time. 

The project was produced within only 3 months including all engineering and production related to the project. A critical element in reaching the challenging deadline was the preparation time and especially to reach a common agreement with VWS in terms of MCC switchboards’ design. 

The standard design approach of Terberg is 3D drawings of every MCC panel. In this 3D design all details of the MCC design can be checked and agreed by the customer. In this way Terberg is able to reduce the engineering time. Combined with the CUBIC stock making 1 week supply to Terberg possible, it was  possible to meet the deadline.     

Another challenge was to make sure the panel was designed in such way that every cable was easy to install. Via labeling of all components and connection boxes Terberg made it easy for the onsite crew to install the switthcboard fast and correctly. 

The switchboards
Terberg supplied 3 MCC swithcboards with in total 300 motor groups. The panels have the form 4 type 6 specification. The busbars have a 2500A rating.  Built for Icw=50 kA/1sec. Due to the fact that the site is a water treatment plant Veolia needed tinned busbars. Terberg used the standard tinned copper busbars of CUBIC.

In total Terberg has installed 300 MD Multi Drawers in various sizes  ranging from 1.5x1 modules up to 2x3 modules. For the main components Terberg applied ABB components for this project. With the CUBIC system Terberg is flexible to make use of the components desired by the customer.