Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

The Temelín Nuclear Power Plant is located in the Czech Republic, approx. 24 km from the regional capital of ČEské BuděJovice. It produces electricity in two production blocks with pressurised water reactors VVER 1000 type V 320. In the spring of 2003, the Temelín Power Plant with its installed capacity of 2,000 MW became the largest source of energy in the Czech Republic.

The initial project was prepared by Energoprojekt Praha (EGP) in 1985, and the actual construction of operating facilities began in 1987. However, in 1989 a decision was made to reduce the number of blocks. After a period of great uncertainty, the reduced structure with modernised technology was completed, and in July 2000 fuel was delivered to the reactor. On 21 December 2000 the first block generated electricity. The power plant operates with an output of 1 x 1,078 MWe + 1 x 1,055 MWe.

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