The project
In June 2014, the CUBIC Partner  Keskustekniikka won the tender competition and was selected to provide low voltage switchgears for Tammervoima’s new waste-to-energy power plant at the Tarastenjärvi site in Tampere, Finland. 

The new power plant is based on a combined heat and power solution, and will provide district heat and power to the nearby Tampere region.

The plant will use about 150,000 tons of municipal waste as fuel annually. Output of the power plant will be 90 GWh electricity and  310 GWh district heat.  
Tampereen Keskustekniikka Oy delivered low voltage switchgears, busducts, installations and comissioning to Tammervoima in this project. The whole power plant is expected to be complete the beginning of 2016.


Technical description
Keskustekniikka’s low voltage switchgears include a wide range of the most challenging panel solutions. 

The switchgears are based on CUBIC’s S7000/S2000 busbar systems, depending on the nominal and short circuit current of switchboard. 

The project includes over 400 withdrawable Multi-Drawer units, which will guarantee safe and reliable power supply to field instruments, valves, pumps and other process devices. The withdrawable units are connected with profibus fieldbus to a higher automation system hierarchy. 

Another challenging solution was a fire-proof HVAC switchboard, which will stay unharmed for at least 1.5 hours in case of destructive fire. 

All of the main distribution centers were equipped with withdrawable in and outgoing air circuits breakers. An optical fibre was installed in main and distribution busbar compartments to secure the switchboard from arc fault problems.


The Keskustekniikka Group which is specialised in electrical automation system solutions was created when Tampereen Keskustekniikka acquired CLS-Engineering Oy, and United Project Group Oy (UPG). 

The Keskustekniikka Group is a prominent group of companies that serves Finnish and international clients with increasingly comprehensive quality.