Switchboards for Polish transport Mine ship


 Elektryka Morska - one of CUBIC’s Polish partners - recently delivered a 2000A main switchboard to the vessel ORP Lublin (821). It is the first Polish transport mine ship of the Lublin type.

The capacity of the ship is to carry 9 basic T-72 tanks, 17 cars or their equivalent (in the form of military equipment, whether floating or not), and 135 fully equipped sea landing soldiers in the open. It is a very modern ship with a high ratio of cargo weight in proportion to the displacement. The vessel has a number of sophisticated solutions, such as the possibility of joining the ship with cargo holds, one to another to form an escape route. The ship may also transport and erect mines thanks to the possibility of quick installation of mine tracks.

It is the first ship in the history of the Polish navy to be commanded by a woman.