Switchboards for Polish power plant

Elektromontaż Poznań has delivered 2 two-sectioned MD switchboards to a Polish power plant. The first switchboard consists of 2 pcs. 2500A ACB’s as incomers, one 2500A ACB for generator (sections painted in red colour – end user demand), 2 pcs. 1600A ACB’s as busbar coupler (section painted in orange colour) connected by modular busbar trunking system.

The second switchboard has incorporated two 2000A ACB’s as main incomers, one 2000A ACB for generator and two 1600A ACB’s as busbar coupler connected together also by a modular busbar trunking system. All outgoing circuits were made as MD drawers with rear access. 

A special demand for Polish power plants – earthing drawers in their own cubicle. These drawers (at least two of each type) are used to connect outgoing plugs of serviced circuit to the panel’s earthing system to prevent return voltage or load accumulated on long distance cables.