Subway system in Scotland

Baldwin & Francis have extended their rail capabilities in a recent project for a major subway system in the UK. 

The subway, which carries millions of passengers each year, is one of the oldest subway systems in the world. This brownfield project will see a complete transformation including the provision of a brand-new integrated system with new rolling stock, depot equipment, construction works and fixed equipment.  

As well as the new trains, the subway’s signalling equipment, control systems and control centre will all be replaced and improved. This is where Baldwin & Francis rose to the challenge. 

The project

15 off Signalling Equipment Room (SER) including: 

  • 1kV RMU
  • 48VDC PSU cabinet
  • 400V Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

The project includes switchboards in the CUBIC Modular System with fixed pattern compartments, 19” rack systems and withdrawable compartments.

1 off Operations Control Centre (OCC)

  • 6.6kV/11kV transformer feeder panel
  • 400V Non-maintained switchboard panel
  • 400V ATS changeover panel
  • 400V maintained switchboard panel
  • 400V essential panel board panel
  • 24V DC PSU cabinet
  • 48V/50V DC PSU cabinet
  • 1kV RMU

Despite B&F’s extensive experience with the likes of network rail etc., this is a completely new concept with associated risks including:

  • Detailed design work
  • The design and manufacture of a brand-new concept; never previously produced by B&F 
  • The provision of necessary facilities such as an adequate test facility for product validation.
  • Short lead times

Working collectively as a team and utilising years of expertise and knowledge at B&F Headquarters in Sheffield a concept was created, engineered and successfully manufactured with installation and commissioning on site set to take place throughout 2020.