South Eastern Asia LNG hub

Singapore is one of the global commerce, finance and transport hubs, and heavily reliable on the import of fuels to ensure a reliable and diversified supply of energy as natural resources are limited. 
Historically, Singapore has mainly imported oil to secure a reliable supply of energy. The Singapore electricity generation industry has in the past decade, however, moved its focus from oil-fired steam turbine plants to new combined cycle gas turbine plants. 

The terminal itself is located on a 40 hectare plot on the southern tip of Jurong Island


This is i.a. due to an increased worldwide availability of natural gas. Besides, natural gas is the most practical fuel option when balancing between security of supply, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. 

Today, natural gas accounts for about 90% of the fuel mix for electricity generation for the 5.6 mio. inhabitants.

The inland demands from the electricity industry have in recent years forced massive investment in LNG handling facilities across Singapore. Prior to heavy investments within natural gas facilities and handling, Singapore’s only option was import of natural gas via pipelines from Malaysia and Indonesia. 

One of the new facilities is the Singapore LNG (SLNG) terminal. 
The terminal itself is located on a 40 hectare plot at the southern tip of Jurong Island, and the first open access multi-user LNG terminal in Asia with a throughput capacity of about 11 Mtpa. 

The main operations of the terminal include receival, storage and net supply of LNG. 

The LNG terminal is thus crucial to the energy reliability of Singapore, as it provides the possibility to import natural gas from about anywhere in the world.

The switchboards

The Singapore partner of CUBIC, M&I Electric Far East, supplied the intelligent switchboards to the project, which includes redundant communication networks, IEC61850 IEDs and Ethernet interfaces with DCS/PMS. A project including several 1250-4000A utility, process and jetty switchboards.  All switchboards are delivered in CUBIC’s withdrawable Multi Drawer solution and with a total of 325 drawers in 42 sections.