Solar-Powered Energy lab

CUBIC partner Spálovský contributes to first-of-its-kind solar-powered energy lab in Norwegian arena

The recent project for Skagerak Arena in Skien, Norway includes local production and storage of energy at the stadium connected to local networks and consumption. All switchboards are designed by CUBIC Czech partner Spálovský.

The rooftop of the arena is covered with 5,700 square meters of solar cells to produce electricity as part of a new energy lab. The project for Arena Skagerak is not large in financial volume, but contains a number of new design details and technical approaches to customer requirements. 

The photovoltaic system powers floodlights at all home soccer games, and provides the neighbourhood with locally produced power. The yearly power consumption of the stadium is 375,000 kWh, and the new installation provides enough energy also to meet the needs of 15 local homes.

The project includes low voltage switchboards from the CUBIC Modular System.