Pure water... Råberga water treatment plant

The Swedish CUBIC partner Elteknik T Mielonen has recently completed the installation of switchboards for Råberga Waterplant with Tekniska Verken AB as the end customer. 

The Råberga Waterplant supplies close to 10,000 m3/day to the homes and businesses in the Linköping area. The plant is a surface water treatment plant with chemical precipitation and fast and slow sand filters. The plant is supplied with water from the river of Stångån. 

The purification process is initiated with the intake of raw water 2.5 m. below the surface of the river. The cleaning process starts with a cleaning grid removing major parts from the water. 

Well pass the first step, the water enters the chemical precipitation process which consists of three parallel lines each with six stirring steps and a three story sedimentation basin. 
Aluminum sulphate (ALG) is used as flocculant. 

Before storing the water in 11.000 m3 reservoirs the water passes six quick filters and eight slow filters. Following both the quick and slow filters the water is finally adjusted to the correct Ph level. 

The switchboards
The total supply of switchboards included three 1250A switchboards with main and distribution busbars. 

The switchboards are assembled with Schneider components with Masterpact NW12 as main brakers and Compact NSX brakers for the outgoing.

Quality assurance 
At Råberga an accredited laboratory has been established. The accredited laboratory, approved by SWEDAC, performs weekly sampling and analysis of the water utilities as well as looking at the wiring of different users. This means that changes in water is quality quickly idetected and corrected.