Production Switchboards

With the support of CUBIC’s Russian Partner Universal-Electric, Ammophos has recently finished a major upgrade and modernisation project with the aim of positioning the company as a global leading producer of fertilizers. 

Ammophos activities include the production of phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric and sulfuric acid and aluminium trifluoride.  

The company holds more than one third of the total market share of phosphate fertilizers manufactured in Russia, and  besides it is the the country’s largest exporter of phosphate fertilizers supplying markets in Western Europe, Asia, America and Africa. 

The switchboards
The extensive upgrade and modernisation project has included the delivery of  more than 40 switchboard, in various configurations. The most recent delivery included a reconstruction of both a transformer substation and a distribution centre. 

The transformer substation project included a main 1250 A substation unit and additionally two distribution switchboards. 

The distribution centre project included, as above, one main 1250 A substation unit as well as two control station switchboards. The main 21x11x4 modules substation is designed with CUBIC’s MPI Inserts System and Schneider components.