Oilfield MCC Switchboard

In Iran, petroleum has been the main industry since the 1920s, and at the peak of its oil industry in the mid-1970s Iran was world’s fourth largest producer of crude oil and the second largest exporter of petroleum. 

Today, Iran is the second largest OPEC producer and the fifth largest globally with a daily production around 3.7 million barrels. 

To meet earlier years´ production of close to 6 million bpd as well as the ever growing demand for oil, the Iranian government initiated a massive investment program in the beginning of the millennium. The goal was to take the Iranian oil and petroleum industry to a new level.

The investment program called for the development of a huge number of new wells primarily to be located in the southwestern part of the country. Ongoing investigations in region have today discovered more than 650 potential oil wells of which close to 460 have already become operational. 

One of these fields is the Chahar-Bisheh oilfield, at which the Iranian partner of CUBIC, Arvand Energy Co. Ltd recently supplied a MCC swtichboard. The executive Project Manager is Mr. Mohammad Reza Khaki 

The Chahar-Bisheh oilfield commenced operation in 2007 with a volume of oil-in-the-place at 237 million barrels, which 45 million barrels are recoverable. 

To boost production from the present 3,000 barrels per day a field development plan was initiated with the aim of enhancing the oil recovery rate. The MCC switchboard in question is installed to facilitate this process. 

The MCC switchboard is specified at 400 VAC, 1000 A. and 70 kA/1 sec.,50 Hz. The switchboard is constructed using the CUBIC Multi Drawer System.