Offshore Special Purpose Jack-Up Vessel

In April 2010, Beluga Shipping and Hochtief Construction formed a joint venture named Beluga Hochtief Offshore with the aim of developing a specially designed self-propelled heavy-lift jack-up vessel. Having completed the design phase, Poland’s Crist shipyard was selected for building the vessels and the CUBIC Partner Elektromontaz Gdansk chosen for supply of the switchboards. The first ship is expected to enter service in late 2012. 

The vessel is built for use in the offshore wind turbine market for loading, transportation and installation of wind turbines at offshore locations. Additionally, it will be used to maintain and repair the turbines. The vessel will install the turbines with a height of about 120 m in a water depth of 50 m.

The first offshore construction project in which the new vessel will be employed will be the Global Tech I Offshore Wind Farm. The joint venture company will install 80 turbines for the new farm which will be constructed about in the North Sea around 110 km from Cuxhaven, Germany. 

With a length of 90 m, the vessel will stand on four legs. These legs will have a triangular lattice cross section. The jacking system of the vessel will be rack and pinion with a jacking speed of less than 1 m per minute.

The overall length of the ship’s hull will be 147 m and breadth will be 42 m. Depth of the hull will be 11 m.

The ship will have a powerful drive and a speed of 12 kt. It will be equipped with a dynamic positioning system which will comply with DP2 requirements. Maximum operating draft of the ship will be 7 m and minimum will be 5.7 m.


In relation to the swithcboards onboard the ship, Elektromontaz Gdansk has in total build and installed 10 switchboards in various configurations related to their applied voltage level.

The project include:

  • Two 690 V fixed/Multi Drawer main swithcboards 
  • Two 6.6 kVA main switchboards
  • Two 450 V fixed/Multi Drawer main switchboards 
  • Two 230 V fixed main switchboards
  • 450 V fixed/Multi Drawer emergency switchboard
  • 230 V fixed emergency switchboard