Offshore MD switchboards - Drilling rig

Forus Elektro, one of CUBIC’s Norwegian partners, has within a tight time schedule supplied all necessary switchboards to a North Sea based drilling rig.
The drilling rig, Byford Dolphin, was during switchboard installation at a Norwegian shipyard as a part of a 30 year certification programme and a general upgrade to be able to meet the demands for its new operator BP.

The project in question, Byford Dolphin - Aker H-3 Semisub, includes replacement of all existing 440V/60Hz and 220V/60Hz main and emergency  switchboards including all 440V/60Hz MCCs – a total of 14 switchboards.

A main challenge was to fit the switchboards into the physical space of the existing switchboards. In this regard, CUBIC’s 1.5x1 module multi drawers were essential.
The project was produced within only three months that included all engineering, production and services related to the project. The deadline was only met due to a fine co-operation between Forus Elektro, Dolphin and CUBIC.

The switchboards
The main is a 440V switchboard rated at 2x3200A and including a 3200A bustie built for Icw=80kA/1sec; Ipk=176kA. The switchboard is with single front access and supplied with CUBIC’s Multi Drawer system for MCCBs up to 630A.

Depending on the specific use DOL starters, 2-speed starters and soft starters are included in the motor control centres.

The final two switchboards are combined 220V main and emergency switchboards in combined fixed and plug-in application.

In total, Forus Elektro has installed 250 drawers in various sizes ranging from 1.5x1 modules up to 3x2 modules.

For the components, the main breakers etc, Forus has applied Schneider components.

Forus Elektro
Forus Elektro Automatikk AS, located at Forus outside Stavanger, Norway, was established in 1990 and is today one of the largest suppliers of electrical panels.
The company produces all kinds of panels and switchboards to the offshore and shipbuilding industry, hospitals, railways, airports, schools and the construction industry.

Since its inception the company has grown from a staff base of seven employees to over 70 highly skilled staff members.
Forus Elektro Automatikk AS is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company and nine employees are accredited according to the CUBIC Global Training Programme.

The Byford Dolphin drilling rig The Byford Dolphin is a semi-submersible, column stabilised drilling rig, built on the “Aker H-3” design. It floats in the North Sea to find and drill crude oil deposits.

The Byford Dolphin is currently contracted by BP for drilling in the British section of the North Sea.

The rig is able to manoeuvre by its own engines (to counter drift and ocean currents), but for long-distance relocation it must be moved by specialist tugboats.
As a drilling rig, the Byford Dolphin is near the top of its class. It is equipped with advanced drilling equipment and has to meet very high levels of certification under Norwegian law.