Moskogen waste handling

The Moskogen Waste handling facility is one of the most recent projects succesfully completed by Swedish CUBIC partner HOLTAB AB.  


In terms of waste handling Moskogen is the largest facility yet constructed in Sweden and disposes waste from 5 surrounding municipalities. The aim of the facility is to seperate food waste from residual waste.

The food waste is processed and used for biogas and gigestate. The residual waste is further sorted into metals and noncombustible materials. 
Moskogen handles approximately 65,000 tonnes of waste a year. 

Holtab has carried through the project in close cooperation with partner Elcom. The project included the complete design, projecting, assembly and installation of 3 x 2 MVA switchboards. 

Holtab’s Project Manager Michael Martinsson explains: ”Moskogen is a unique project for Holtab. By tradition we normally assemble the switch-boards in our workshop, how-ever for this project they were assembled on location. Holtab supplied the switchboards whereas Elcom in Karlshamn were responsible for all the electrical installations.”  

Anders Haglund, Sales Manager Holtab continues: ”Our goal has been to meet the client’s demands in every aspect with a modern, robust and reliable solution that includes products from several of the most known manufactures in the market. Consequently, our solution includes CUBIC, Schneider Electric and ABB.”

As an independent manufaturer Holtab always strives to choose a competitive and user friendly solution from established vendors.