Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

Spalovský, Inc., a major producer of low voltage switchgears in the Czech Republic won in 2010 the contract to supply LW switchboards for three projects related to the extension of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce, Slovakia.

The project regards the construction of two new reactors, unit 3 & 4, originally commenced for operation in 2012 and 2013.

The Mochovce units 3 & 4 are designed and built according to the proven and well consolidated pressurized water reactor technology and includes the latest technology developments and safety improvements. With reference to a general project update and to the accident af Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant the opening has been delayed until 2014 for unit 3 and 2015 for unit 4 due to increased safety standards. Consequently, the plant will when in operation comply with and even exceed current international safety requirements and thus be comparable to nuclear power reactors under construction in the European Union.


When in full operation, the Mochovce site consists of four nuclear reactors with a total installed capacity at 12,000 GWh equal to around 45 % of Slovakia’s electricity consumption.

The Mochovce project is part of the one of the largest investments ever in the power engineering sector of Slovakia. The completion is estimated at 3.8 billion EUR.


Spalovský, the Czech partner of CUBIC, won the project due the ability and reliability of the company in companion with the quality and certified operating system of CUBIC.
Spalovský, formed in 1990, has its core competences in the production of LV switchboards up to 1000V/6300A and steel sheet switch boxes. In conjunction with a full customer service and integrated management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 the company is today among the top switchboard producers in the Czech Republic.

The Switchboards

At Mochovce, Spalovský has supplied various 400 V / 50 Hz Main and Auxiliary switchboards ranging from 300- 2250 A and in modular sizes from 8x11x3 to 36x11x3.
The swithboard are designed for a diesel generation station and chilled water station respectively. All switchboards are seismic resistant and constructed with the Multi Drawer withdrawable system. 90 % of the components applied are Schneider.