Large-scale solar heating plant

The CUBIC partner DME A/S has recently supplied switchboards for the control of a large-scale solar heating plant in Gråsten, Denmark. 

Gråsten Fjernvarme (District Heating Gråsten) has set out on an ambitious plan. The first phase includes the construction of a major solar heating plant with seasonal storage. For a start approx. 19.000 m2 solar thermal collectors will be installed, and a technical centre and accumulation tank established. 

The plant was at the time of construction the largest plant of its kind in the world.

The plant will consist of 1.519 ARCON HT collectors with the yield of which corresponds to the average consumption of 485 households.

The plant in Gråsten is meant to act as satellite plant on the outskirts of the town. A small heating centre with a wood pellet boiler and an absorption heat pump will be set up. The heat pump will be fed with 150 degree warm water from the wood pellet boiler and can increase the temperature of the return water so the forward flow has a temperature of 70-75 degrees. 

At the same time it delivers 10-25 degree cold water to the collectors which in this way are more efficient and will have considerably more hours of operation.