La Muela - Hydroelectric Power Plant

Second stage of the La Muela

The Spanish partner of CUBIC, Pine Equipos Eléctricos, has recently finished a project for the second stage of the largest hydroelectric power station in Europe.

The project includes a total investment of 350 million Euros and is owned by Iberdrola - the main Spanish electrical company - and supported with funding from the European Investment Bank. 

The second stage, La Muela II, is created as an underground facility and special in the sense that it will include four equal and reversible groups with at total capacity of 852 megawatts (MW) In total, La Muela I and II has a more than 2000 MW capacity and is capable of generating 5000 gigawatt hours(GWh) a year. This makes it one of the most important facilities on the Iberian Peninsula using water for creation of energy. 


The entire project is created with the limitation of wind power in mind bearing its stochastic nature and storage problems in mind. From the perspective of Iberdrola, the best operational alternative is pumped storage as it is always available and provides flexibility with regard to start up and shutdown. La Muela II is built to benefit from these advantages.

The switchboards

For the La Muela project, Pine Equipos Eléctricos delivered 12 MCC switchboards in various configurations. The switchboards are constructed using the Multi Drawer system.

The versatility of the Multi Drawer system and its compact solutions allowed Pine Equipos Eléctricos to customise the switchboards according to the various configurations and needs of the end-user.

The MCC switchboards in questions will control and operate the cooling pumps, sewage and drainage, automatic doors and gates and finally the generator-motor fans.