Funen Power Station

AUTOMATIC SYD A/S, a CUBIC partner, has in 2009 supplied several Multi Drawer switchboards for the new Unit 8 at Funen Power Station.

Funen Power Station

The history of Funen Power Station dates back to the late 1940’ies where the first company was established in order to extend the electrical connections to ensure the supply of all Funen from a new power station.

The power station was built over the next four years and commenced its generation of electricity for all of Funen and district heat for Odense in 1953.

During the following 50 years, the power station performed its task of operating and expanding both the power station and the electricity grid.

Today Funen Power Station has two coal fired plants, a waste fired CPH (combined heat and power) plant and most recently a straw fired unit that commenced production in late 2009.

It is for the new straw heated unit AUTOMATIC SYD A/S has supplied the switchboards. Funen Power Station is today owned by Vattenfall, Europe’s fifth largest producer of electricity.

Today, the primary task of the power station is to convert the energy of the fuel applied into electricity and district heat. The electricity generated at the power station is traded at ”Nord Pool”, Europe’s largest and most liquid marketplace for physical and financial power contracts. The trading of electricity is among other things a consequence of the liberalisation of the Danish electricity market in the late 1990’ies.

The district heat is supplied to some 85,000 households and 7,000 institutions and companies in and around Odense city.

Unit 8 - Straw fired CPH plant In March 2007, the mayor of Odense cut the first sod for a 750 million DKK investment in a new independent straw fired CPH plant with both boiler and turbine. The boiler is designed for burning various types of biomass.

The new investment clearly marked Vattenfall’s commitment to a more environment friendly energy production.

The unit is placed in a new constructed building and can, if needed, operate independently of the other units at the power plant. The unit can, when fully operational, handle 170,000 tonnes of straw annually corresponding to 28 tonnes an hour.

Close to the unit, a straw storing  facility has been established with a capacity of 2,300 straw bales weighing 580 kg each. The straw arrives on truck from farmers from Funen.

At commissioning the environment is set to be the winner. The new straw unit will replace approx. 100,000 tonnes of coal and consequently reduce the emission of CO2 by about 245,000 tonnes a year.

The electricity capacity at normal load in unit 8 is 35 MW equal to 20 % of the consumption in the nearby city of Odense. The heat capacity of the unit is 84 MW equal to 25 % of the consumption in Odense.