Exeter University Switchboard

As a requirement of the extension of buildings, and the addition of a 4th floor to another building, the CUBIC partner KDS Solutions were employed to construct 2 switchboards to provide electrical services on  the Exeter University campus.

The existing electrical installation had over the years become a network of add-on panelboards, busbar chambers, and wall mounted boxes that needed to be tidied up.

The 800A panel incorporated a new temporary generator connection that they did not have before and supplied the sub-panel and the majority of mechanical plant on the site.
The second  switchboard was for lighting and power distribution feeding the majority of the DB’s around the building.


The existing building had low ceilings and narrow corridors dictating that the panels could be no higher than 2000mm, but we still needed to maintain the number of spare ways in the space we had available.

We found out that the S2000 HI busbar system is not only a great way to maximize the number of MPI compartments possible on the front of the panel, but it is also incredibly easy to connect on site when we install the switchboards.

The client required we wire the meters to Enercom data-loggers that we were able to fit into a MPI compartment at the top of each column.This allows safe access for BMS engineers to connect directly if and when required. The cableway will only require access for the original wiring of the data-loggers.

The Powerbox was also detailed in the customers specification. The rear of the box has M10 brass studs for connecting the phases, which makes it very simple for us to connect using the Cu-flex system directly to the associated switch.

All of the devices are connected to busbars by CU-flex, excluding the ACB which was coppered in-house, using our own bending and punching machine.

The ACB incomer uses the CUBIC incoming terminal brackets, which provides a versatile and time saving solution for both ourselves and the cable installers.