Emergency switchgear in Gas refinery at South Pars Gas Field


South Pars Gas Field is located on the joint border line between Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. South Pars is the largest gas field in the world, holding some 1,800 trillion cubic feet of reserves. It is shared between Iran and Qatar.

While many of Iran’s oil and gas facilities are outdated and in dire need of investment, South Pars is a model of how the country would like its hydrocarbon sector to be viewed in the future: Modern, efficient and productive.

The Iranian section of this field is considered the most significant source of energy in Iran. The gas reserves of this field comprise approx. 8% of the total gas reserves in the world, while the Iranian part of the field comprises almost one half of the domestic gas reserves of Iran.

This huge field measures 9,700 square km, while the Iranian section measures 3,700 square km. Iran’s section is estimated to hold some 14 trillion cubic meters of gas plus 18 billion barrels of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The zone is divided into various projects called phases by the Iranians.

Phase 1
The Onshore Section of Phase 1, which borders the Persian Gulf in Assaluyeh (approx. 270 km south-east of Bushehr Port) measures 141 hectares at Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.

The wells and offshore platforms of this project are located 105 km from the Persian Gulf Coast. Phase 1 of South Pars Gas Field Development Project was designed to have 1 billion cubic feet of gas extracted on a daily basis from 12 wells.

About the project

CUBIC partner Saman Energy Co. from Iran has designed, manufactured and installed the most essential and critical switchbord in Phase 1.

The switchboard has two 2500A incomings and a 1MVA diesel generator with two collectors. Each busbar supplies two 500kVA GTG (Gas Turbine Generator) and approx. 20 other feeders.If the GTG power is interrupted for more than 40 seconds, the refinery closes completely. The logic of incomings, coupler and diesel is automatically controlled by Siemens Redundant PLCs.

The switchboard dimension is 30x11x9M (BxHxD), and it is designed as a back to back Multi Drawer switchboard, as all incomings are arranged at the front page, and all payouts are on the back.