Denmark’s largest fishing vessel

CUBIC is on board Denmark’s largest fishing vessel HG 264 Ruth, which is a ship for fishing with trawl and seine. The vessel has a length of 87.80 m, and is the first of its kind for fishing with double trawl. The bridge alone is 180 m², and the bow thruster 2400A. The hull was built in Poland, and was finished at Karstensen’s Shipyard in Skagen.

The giant is equipped with the very newest electronics – including a number of CUBIC switchboards. The 2 largest electrical switchboards were built by Scan Technic in Odense – a main board of 5000A, and a distribution board of 2400A.  

Hanstholm Elektronik is responsible for the rest of the electrical switchboards, and has made all the electrical installations.

The vessel fully meets all expectations to an ultramodern pelagic trawler, and the facilities for the crew are impressive with private cabins, common exercise room, steam bath, TV room with fireplace, etc.

The ship was delivered in the home port of Hirtshals in March 2016, and cost the shipping company well over DKK 250 mill.