Current for Norwegian cruise ships

PowerCon in Hadsund – one of CUBIC’s loyal Danish customers – has specialised in producing land-based current facilities. The facilities are applied to connect ships in harbours to the local electricity network, so the engines can be turned off. An improvement of the environment is thus achieved, as the noise and vibration level in and around the harbour may be reduced.

At the end of 2018 PowerCon will deliver Europe’s largest current facilities to Kristiansand Harbour in Norway. This harbour has a leading position when it comes to green transition by offering current for ships and rigs.

The facilities are outstanding as they will supply even the largest cruise ships with the correct voltage and frequency as well as sufficient currency. Therefore, the marine engines may be completely turned off.

An integration will be made into 8 units 20 feet containers delivering up to 16MVA at 11 kV, and a frequency area from 50 to 60 Hz. The facilities will provide 4 x 4000A at 690V.
Lately, an order for Baatsfjord Harbour in northern Norway has been landed for 3 installations. They are the largest Norwegian land-based current facilities so far, and when they are finished, it will be possible to connect 30-40 ships at the same time.

CUBIC’s Modular System is used for all switchboards, and the individual inverter modules