CUBIC in Murmansk

Since early 2002, our partner Universal Electric has from its domicile in St. Petersburg supplied the Russian market with low voltage switchgear and control-gear assemblies on the basis of the CUBIC modular system. In this regard, Universal Electric has for several years worked on promote the advantages of the modular system - its versatility, quality and reliability - on the Russian market.

JSC Apatit

One of their many customers, who appreciate these advantages, is JSC Apatit located in the Murmansk Region in the north-western part of Russia. JSC Apatite represents a huge modern, open mining/chemical complex, which comprises four mines, numerous estate, as well as railway and automobile workshops and 20 other ancillary workshops.

The four mines make their extraction and enrichment of an apatitenepheline ore in the Hibiny deposit and are ranked among the world’s largest manufactures of phosphatic raw material for chemical fertilizers.

All together the area covers close to 40 x 40 square kilometres.

The established power capacity of the head transformers throughout the facility exceeds 800 megaVA. The current is distributed from ten substations on 110-150 kV as well as a network of small epower lines of 35-36kV to the many different sites of extraction and processing.

Another feature of the system is that it not only fulfils the power requirements of the entire plant but also the nearby cities of Kirovsk and Apatity. Moreover, it is an essential part of the Kola Peninsula power supply system, which consequently increases the responsibility of JSC Apatit to maintain the entire power supply system.

CUBIC applications

In relation to the application of the CUBIC modular system, Mr. Yablochkin Y.V., Deputy Chief Power Engineering Specialist of JSC Apatit explains that the first CUBIC low voltage assembly was installed in 2003 for the application of blower installations and mine pumping. In 2004-05, a similar type of the low voltage assembly was installed in one of the substations supplying the crushing and flotation sections among others. Today, CUBIC applications have been applied in 15 low voltage assemblies throughout the facility.


Rigid demands

Furthermore, Mr. Yablochkin explains that the concrete application of CUBIC’s modular system was the result of a strict selection process, as JCS Apatit has very rigid demands to the equipment.

First of all, the necessity to provide maximal safety of the personnel when servicing the low voltage assemblies was a main concern.
This, we reached with the modular system due to the internal separation and high reliability. Moreover, the reconstruction of the operating power objects were connected to a number of complexities such as compressed overall dimensions of the premises and the necessity of continuous power supply of the technological processes. Additionally, Mr. Yablochkin explains, the modular system was chosen as a result of its universatility. Today, many leading anufactures of electrical equipment offer the customers complex decisions on the construction of switching centres. However in this case, JSC Apatit is compelled to use low voltage assemblies compatible with existing switching equipment. Therefore, Mr. Yablochkin explains, we order the equipment, which corresponded to the requirements of the original manufacturer and this was the CUBIC modular system.

Finally, an essential point is that the plant has a lot of various consumers of capacity in relation to operating and loadings. This is another main reason why we choose low voltage assemblies mainly from 400-4000A from CUBIC for the aggressive and dusty environments here at the plant. From a maintenance point of view, it is thus convenient and economical that the low voltage assemblies of various characteristics have a uniform basis. Polar circle”, Mr. Yablochkin adds.