Copper Mine Switchboards

The CUBIC Partner Gestene has supplied a MCC switchboard for a massive upgrade of the Almina-SA copper mine in Portugal.

The main purpose of the investment follows the winning of a concession from the Portuguese state back in 2009.

Since the mine has been closed for more than a decade a serious upgrade and restart of the production called for the massive investments.

The concession contract Part of the investment includes expansion of the production facilities at the mining ore mill, which is controlled by the new MCC supplied by Gestene in collaboration with CUBIC.

Two redundant incomers, one 350 KVAr automatic PFC cubicle and four cubicles with a total of 31 MD/MPI type drawers ranging from 0.18 kW to 200 kW.

This MCC switchboard has installed a busbar truncking system with incomer circuit from the top of the incomer cubicle which was adapted to the CUBIC modular system with an excellent result.