Charles de Gaulle Airport - Paris

Charles de Gaulle International Airport also known as Roissy Airport in Paris, is one of the world’s aviation centres, as well as the main international airport in France. The airport opened in 1974 and is located 25 km to the north-east of Paris. It is named after President Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970), the former president of France.

The airport is one of the most efficient hubs in Europe allowing Air France KLM to offer 21,000 opportunities for connections in less than two hours every week. In total, the airport accommodates 175 airlines, including the three main global alliances and thus nearly 500 destinations in 122 countries are served. Besides, the airport is the only one in Europe that has four parallel runways.

In 2006, Charles de Gaulle Airport ranked second in Europe in terms of passenger traffic with 56,849,567 passengers, only surpassed by London Heathrow and with Frankfurt International Airport third.

In terms of aircraft movements, the Charles de Gaulle Airport is number one in Europe with 541,566 landings and take offs and well above both Frankfurt and London Heathrow.

Taking several years of passenger traffic into account (1996-2004), an increase in the passenger requentation by close to 60 % can be noted.

Expansion plans

Due to the increasing amount of passengers and plane landings/take offs the owner of the airport, Aéroports de Paris, decided to start the renovation of terminal 1. The terminal was originally designed to handle 7-8 million passengers a year but shortly before the renovation was initiated around 9.3 million passengers crossed the terminal. Terminal 1 was originally built according to an avant-garde design consisting of an eleven-floor high circular building surrounded by seven satellite buildings each with four gates (see picture to the right).

Each of the seven satellites was designed  with multiple levels of waiting rooms, baggage handling and shopping areas. However, the increasing number of passengers made it necessary to begin the renovation immediatly.

The actual renovation project began in April 2004 and is planned to be finish by the end of 2008. The project has been divided into four main steps in order to minimise the impact on the Aerial view of Terminal 1 - CDG. passengers’ travel. Each step comprises one quarter of the building and the terminal will when finished be able to handle 12 million passengers a year.

Furthermore, all thinkable security norms have been integrated in the renovation, and the airport is thus able to meet future demands. Along with other improvements the goal is to increase the quality of the services provided and to reach the qualification “B” IATA, which is one of the highest levels for international airports.

Panel application

In relation to the panel application of terminal 1, most of the switchboards in the terminal were more than 30 years old and did not match the requirements of today, and therefore a replacement was needed.

After having submitted a public tender, the CUBIC partner Clemmessy-Tabelec won the order of supplying the panels to the terminal. Tabelec is one of CUBIC’s partners in France, located in Mulhouse.

The order for Clemmessy-Tabelec includes all new main and subdistribution panels located around the terminal.

The first panel was installed in the airport in 2004 and when finished Tabelec have installed 12 main panels 3200A and 30 Plug-in distribution panels at the Charles de Gaulle. The 12 main panels comprise around 100 columns of the CUBIC Draw-out system whereas the 30 Plug-in panels comprise 150 columns.